Shenzhen Huahai Liannet Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2011, is committed to providing world-leading products and services in fields of communication network energy and new energy. By aiming to “set up a base of research, development, production, assembly and testing with the best management and competitiveness in the world”, it tries to find out clients’ demand and promote its own strength.

The company has a R & D center and some processing bases. The former recruits scores of senior design engineers who aim to provide perfect ODM solutions for clients.

   The Guangming Headquarters Processing Base, with an area of over 10,000 square meters, is made up of all single-floor buildings, which can greatly improve the processing efficiency of large products and the turning-over efficiency of logistics. It has a staff of over 200, working in workshops of cable processing, wiring, assembling, adjusting and testing. It is a management center of wiring, testing and tallying goods.

The combination of research, development and processing ensures the innovation and execution of the products and service of Huahai. Advanced management of product development and comprehensive product testing, based on information, guarantee the reliability and high performance of the products.

In the next ten years, by carrying on its concept of “self-improvement for the interests of clients”, and focusing on communication network energy and new energy technology, the company will try to promote its designing, processing and manufacturing services, establish its leading position in market and management efficiency, shoulder its social responsibilities, and ultimately become a banner of national enterprises.