The unique advantages of Huahai Liannet are that it has a special R & D team, which is able to come up with integrated solutions of communication power supply and supporting equipment. It can bring about remarkable benefits for clients: reduce clients’ R & D cost, and shorten the period of their R & D and supply. It can also ensure the feasibility of product processing, reduce cost of product, improve productivity, alleviate clients’ burden of maintaining the products, and respond quickly to market terminal demands.

 By summing up decades’ experience of the industry, Huahai chooses two business modes of good service to meet the requirements of clients for low cost and high quality. One is the OEM production mode and the other is the ODM production mode.


An introduction to the concept

OEM: Clients provide blueprints. We are responsible for procuring, processing, assembling, testing, packing, and finally provide them with finished goods.

ODM: Clients provide design specifications. We are responsible for designing blueprints, procuring, producing, etc. and finally provide them with finished goods.